Growing up in a town dominated by a large brewery, David has been a long-time supporter of Britain’s pub and ale heritage. In 2012 David became a member of The Campaign for Real Ale (or ‘CAMRA’), a consumer organisation for the preservation and promotion of traditional real ale, cider and perry, as well as the pubs in which they are drunk. With over 189,000 members, it is one of the largest consumer groups in Europe.

David first got involved at a local level as the Birmingham branch’s Young Members Representative, responsible for encouraging local people under 30 to play an active role within an organisation that is traditionally perceived as being for and consisting exclusively of old men. This task naturally involved the use of social media, and Birmingham branch was among the first to have dedicated social media accounts for the young members contingent.  

Before long, David was invited to join the organisers of Birmingham Beer & Cider festival as the social media manager. This festival was one of the largest in the area, with almost 250 beers and 100 ciders on offer. Despite a change of venue to somewhere less accessible, David’s management of the social media helped ensure that the message spread and the festival was well attended. He would go on to play a more senior role in the festival, eventually becoming deputy organiser in 2015.

In the meantime, David’s work with social media had been noticed by the National Executive, and in 2013 he was invited to attend a meeting of the national marketing and communications committee as a guest speaker. He made a number of contributions and suggestions around digital marketing and specifically engagement with younger members, and so was invited to join the committee as a permanent member – a position that he still holds. 

Since then, David has continued to make contributions to the campaign at a local and national level. He is currently the Young Members Coordinator for the West Midlands Region, and since 2015 has been social media manager for CAMRA’s flagship national event, the Great British Beer Festival, which brings tens of thousands of drinkers to London Olympia each year. He has provided social media training for volunteers in the campaign across the UK from Bristol to Glasgow, and has also made appearances as a media spokesman for the Campaign in local, national and international publications and radio stations, including What’s Brewing, The Morning Advertiser and BBC Radio Four.

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